~Rust oleum microwave white spray 250ml. Practical Coverage: 0.8m?. Dry Times: Touch 5-10 minutes; Handle 20 minutes. Recoat 20 minutes. Shelf Life: 5 years. Application: Remove the old flaky paint (A fine wire brush works wonders for this). Sand the inside of the microwave lightly with sand paper. Clean the sanding dust and whatever grease is inside the microwave with mentholated spirits or lacquer thinners (Avoid soaps as they leave a residue behind that the paint battles to adhere to). If you come across rusty spots treat them with Spraymate red oxide primer. Apply 2 to 3 light coats of microwave spraypaint until the entire surface is coated allowing 20 minutes cure time between coats. Allow 24 hours for the paint to cure before use. Boil a cup of water for 5 minutes before heating up any food. Substrates / Surfaces: Metal. Clean Up: Lacquer thinners. Spuitverf

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